Minnesota Weekend

We had such a fun couples weekend in Minnesota visiting our friends Leslie and Jeff. Leslie is one of my good friends from college. We got to explore Minneapolis and St. Paul and had lots of fun adventures and good laughs (usually just Les and I thinking we are hilarious!). Plus they have an adorable dog, Harry, who became my bestie and was so fun to cuddle with :). Below is a photo diary from the weekend. It was so fun to spend time with such great friends!

E & I started the trip off right at the airport with a delicious brunch at Root Down

photo 1

Dinner out in St. Paul with Jeff & Leslie

photo 3

Barre class kicked our butts and felt great! 

photo 5

A walk around Lake Harriet 

photo 2

And some shopping at Athleta… obsessed with their clothes right now

photo 3

Relaxing with Harry

photo 5

Drinks and dinner out in downtown Minneapolis

photo 1

photo 2

Two peas in a pod 🙂

photo 3

The most amazing Lobster roll ever 

photo 5

photo 2

photo 3

Sad to go to the airport but thankful for such amazing friends!!

photo 5


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is almost here! I’m excited that we get to celebrate with my beautiful mom on Sunday and are hosting my family at our house. We will also get to see my sweet Mother-in-law in a couple weeks too! I feel so lucky to have those two amazing women as our moms and friends. I had fun shopping for some special items to get them to celebrate the day and wanted to put together a few ideas below in case you’re still looking for something cute! Happy shopping 🙂




Product Shopping Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


Meet the Dogs

If you’ve been following along my blog or Instagram then you know that it’s no secret that I love dogs. Our dogs, Cardio & Annabelle, are like family and I consider them our children. My hubby likes dogs but isn’t quite as obsessed but he’s come around to accept that me married the crazy dog lady ;). He also is learning that my whole family is this way. Between my parents, my brother and our family we now have five dogs that we adore! The newest doggie came into our family (to my parent’s to be specific) yesterday, a boxer named Homer.

Since the dogs are such a big part of our lives and I have a huge passion for dogs and dog rescue, I wanted to share a little bio of each of the 5 and their story. Enjoy!

In order of oldest to youngest 🙂




Name/Nicknames: Lucy, Lulu, Lulu Girl, Lulu Bear

Age: 10ish

Breed: Black Lab

Owners: Bill & Debbie (my dad and mom)

Her Story: We adopted Lucy from the DDFL about 4-5 years ago. She is the sweetest girl. Very loving and nurturing. We don’t know much about what happened to her before we got her but just know that she’s the most loving, loyal and gentle dog.

Favorites: Cuddling, naps, walks and smoked salmon


Name/Nicknames: Cardio, Bubba, Bubba Boo, Mr. Cardio

Age: 7

Breed: Black Lab

Owners: Eric & I (lucky us!)

His Story: Cardio is a truly amazing dog. So well behaved and so sweet. Eric has had Cardio since he was a puppy and once I met him (about a week in of dating Eric), we were attached at the hip! He’s an amazing running and hiking buddy as well as loves to cuddle. He has a big smile on his face all the time!

Favorites: Playing ball, walks/runs, hikes and treats



Name/Nicknames: Winston, Winst, W

Age: 6

Breed: Black Lab

Owners: Pat (my brother)

His Story: Winston is such a funny boy. So stoic, we call him the GQ dog. He’s an English lab and has the prettiest face (and he knows it). He’s a huge dog but just a big lovebug and would like to sit on your lap. Pat got him as a puppy and he has been a huge part of all of our lives ever since.

Favorites: Playing ball, walks/runs, hikes and treats



Name/Nicknames: Homer (no nickmames yet…he just joined the crew yesterday!)

Age: 3

Breed: Boxer

Owners: Bill & Debbie (my parents)

His Story: Homer was just adopted into our family yesterday! A friend of a friend was his owner and sadly passed away. Homer has been in the Steamboat animal shelter for about a week and my parents after hearing the story went up and brought him home yesterday. We are still getting to know him but so far he has lots of energy and is a very affectionate, happy boy.

Favorites: Playing ball, treats, and being pet



Name/Nicknames: Annabelle, Annabelly, Miss Belle, Little Girl, Ninja

Age: 8-9 months

Breed: Not sure yet but we just bought the doggie DNA test! Can’t wait to find out!

Owners: Eric & I

Her Story:  We adopted this sweet girl from Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue back in November. She has been such a fun addition to our family. She’s got a lot of energy (hence the ninja nickname), but she is also has the sweetest temperament. She loves everyone including people and dogs and LOVES to cuddle.

Favorites: Playing ball, walks, bugging her big brother (Cardio), cuddling, and jumping… fences and anything else she can jump over or on

Well that’s our sweet dog crew! They bring so much joy and love to our lives. Here’s a group shot that I was lucky to capture today (because I held a bag of treats over my head!).


Our Wedding

Today is our 6 month wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since the big day. Looking at these photos make me have a big goofy grin on my face… it truly was the best day ever. Getting to marry the love of your life and best friend was better than I could’ve every imagined. I wanted to share some pictures from our wedding day with you. We had so much fun planning the details and I really felt like the style, setting, etc was very us. You’ll notice the theme of blush pink and gold sparkle… no surprise there :). We were so blessed to be surrounded by our amazing family and friends to help us celebrate.

We were lucky to be married at a beautiful place, The Sanctuary Golf Club, during the time of the changing fall colors. It was a magical day… at first kind of misty and then the sun came out providing an amazing setting. We loved that the Sanctuary provided the Colorado “mountain” feel we wanted to incorporate with the elegance I had in mind. We also had amazing vendors that I listed at the bottom if you’re looking!

Here’s a look at our special day that I’ll never forget! Happy Anniversary E, I love you!

The amazing setting

DSC_5155The beautiful invitations created by my friend, Jenna (information below)


Getting ready with the help of my Mom and of course Mr. Cardio (he was a big part of the day!)


My lovely bridesmaids in our robes I found on Etsy.


Image 19

My bouquet…I LOVED it!


My Vogue moment 🙂



My handsome groom ❤



The ceremony location 


The arbor that Eric and his Dad built and now lives in our backyard 



My brother walked Cardio down right before my Dad and I… Cardio’s wearing a “Here Comes the Bride Sign”.


A moment that I have looked forward to my whole life will forever cherish



Communion with our good friend and Pastor, Scott


How cute are my parents taking care of Cardio during the ceremony. My mom looked so gorgeous! 





Husband and wife ❤




Image 9The ladies


The gentlemen


Our family! 


My parents and brother


Our parents



Our adorable flower girls and ring bearer 



The whole crew!


The decor

Image 7


I was obsessed with the chevron gold and white sequin table cloths!

Image 6

The gorgeous dessert table my hubby built that is now our patio table… so special!

Image 3

Shannon my MOH and Dan the Best Man


The first dance


I don’t think we left the dance floor 


The amazing venue 

Sparklers! Perfect end to an amazing celebration! 


Exploring Flora Farms

I’m so thankful that a few different friends recommended that we go check out Flora Farms while we were in Cabo. I mentioned the amazing drinks in my Friday Favorites post from Cabo, but that was just the start. Flora Farms is this amazing farm in the middle of the desert in Cabo. You stumble upon this green oasis and discover it has a thriving farm, restaurant, bar, cottages, cooking classes and a soon to be done spa. What could be better?! I really love the farm to table concept and was so excited to get to experience this amazing place.

Thinking we were just going for a late lunch turned into a full afternoon of fun exploring the beautiful property, relaxing and eating until we were completely stuffed. I was like a kid in a candy shop with all of the fresh produce and beautiful flowers. It was one of the highlights of our entire trip. We will definitely make that a stop on all future Cabo vacations!

I took a TON of pictures (I was in culinary heaven), but below gives a little tour of this amazing place. If you ever get down to Cabo I highly recommend you go check this out!

The charming front entrance 


Rows and rows of veggies and herbs



I loved the whimsical decorations on this palm tree and picked up a few of those glass hearts later on the trip


Pretty sure we need to find a bike like this for our front yard 🙂


The relaxing bar that made us the yummy, refreshing drinks pre lunch



Me and our sweet Moms 


How adorable is their table decor? Oh and they have farm dogs that they’ve rescued and tell each of their stories on the menu. I knew I loved this place! 


Our vacation crew at lunch


My favorite person ❤ 


 And finally their cute little market where you can buy their produce, homemade breads, granola, etc. 



What a special place Flora Farms is. I hope I can get down there again someday soon and take a cooking class. So fun!


Turning 30

This month marks my 30th birthday. Pretty crazy… it doesn’t feel like I’ve had a big birthday in a long time. Probably since 21 right? Anyway I approach 30 with excitement. The 30’s seem like they’ll be a good time! As I near my big day I’ve noticed quite a few articles out there about milestones that are supposed to happen by the time you’re 30. From health and fitness, to what items you should have in your wardrobe, etc. I thought it would fun to take a look at some of these.

List #1 – For the Fashionistas

Harper’s Bazaar put together a list of must-have fashion items that every woman should have in their wardrobe (and life)  by the time they turn 30. I like most of their ideas (minus the price points), especially the flower, watch, LBD and coat. I like the idea of a signature perfume scent but I like to rotate between a few and find new ones. I’ll do a post on my favorites soon.


List #2 – Home Decor

Elle Decor made a list of 10 things you should have in your home by age 30. I love the one about the mattress and headboard. We finally invested in a new headboard and I love it so much. It makes the room feel so much more put together. As for bedside tables that one made me laugh. We have looked and looked and looked… but they are pricey and we didn’t really love any. So we made some. That post is also coming up soon :). One on the list that I need to work on is art that I love. I have some prints that I like in my office. But I have yet to find a really special piece of art that we just have to have.


List #3 – Health & Fitness

This list from Women’s Health focuses on health and fitness. I like a lot of what they said in here especially loving and accepting your body, finding a workout you love and scheduling regular friend dates. One that’s a work in progress for me is to focus on getting enough sleep. That’s been one of my most important resolutions this year. Lastly, I’m a huge believer in getting fresh air every day. The doggies are perfect for making sure I do that even when it’s in the middle of a snowstorm :).


Anyway just some fun reading material to bring in the big 3 0. Who knows how they decide on these lists but I like the idea of having you’re own goals and resolutions. Reminds me that I need to go look at the list I made at the beginning of the year :).

2014 Calendar Round Up

I get pretty excited to pick out my calendar each December for the upcoming year. I love to select an artsy find that works as office decor. The last few years I have gotten mine from Etsy and  have loved them. You can see this year’s on my inspiration board in my office.

I rounded up a few of my favorites below. I haven’t been able to pick just one yet… too many cute ones!

rifle paper co

I love this floral option from Rifle Paper Co

sugar paper

This Sugar Paper option is perfect to add a little touch of glam

siska studio

I’ve bought a calendar from Siska Studio in the past and love their clean, simple designs


How cute and whimsical is this one by mademoiselleyo? This could be a fun one for the whole family… possibly in the kitchen.


I of course had to include one for my fellow dog lovers… this one by gingber is too cute 🙂

Now I just need to get mine ordered… can’t believe there’s only a couple weeks until the new year!

Aspen Weekend of Fun

We headed up to Aspen last weekend for the Summit for Life. It is a hike up Aspen mountain at night to support the Chris Klug Foundation which promotes life saving organ and tissue donations.

We had both Eric and my families up there with us all staying in a house (along with the four dogs). It was so much fun to all be together and relax. I don’t know if there’s anything better than being up in the mountains in a cozy house with the fire on… and a hot tub.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the weekend!


Annabelle’s first road trip… she was quite cozy 🙂


It was a beautiful drive up the mountains!


Baylee was pretty excited for the weekend of fun too cuddling in the back with Mr. Cardio!


She had fun playing in the snow with the pups.


Here we are nervous and excited (and cold!) getting ready to start the hike.

IMG_6521 IMG_6523

Here we go! Such a cool experience to hike up the mountain in the dark. It took us a little over 2 hours and while tough it was a blast!


Here’s the crew ready to head home… poor Cardio had Annabelle crashed out next to him taking up his space. He’s a good big brother 🙂

We had a great weekend with family… can’t wait to get back up to Aspen soon!

Gift Guide: Ladies Who Love Sparkle

I thought it would be fun to share some gift ideas as you are holiday shopping! I hope I can do the majority of my shopping online and will also be coming up with some DIY gifts.

As you know I love all things gold, girly and sparkly! Here are some fun gift ideas for that bestie, mom, or lady in your life (men take note!) who also love a little sparkle in their day :).


Gorgeous gold confetti champagne flutes


Inspiring print for the home or office

jcrew tshirt

I adore this tee… so fun and festive.

kate spade bracelet


All that glitters bracelet 

polka dot notebook

I think this notebook is a must for the office!

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

During the wedding process not only did I want to find the perfect wedding dress I was very excited to shop for the perfect rehearsal dinner dress. I was surprised to find my rehearsal dinner dress very early on after we had just gotten engaged. I knew I wanted it to be some type of white or ivory dress but with a fun “party” feel. Nordstrom came through as usual (they always get you!) and they had this beautiful ivory lace dress. I LOVE the A-line, girly feel of the dress. It just made me want to twirl :). The detailing on the lace is just gorgeous.

Xscape Lace Dress

We decided that we wanted our rehearsal dinner to be more of a mingle cocktail party type feel so that everyone would be able to visit and get to know each other. We found the perfect location at Cru Wine Bar (Park Meadows). It felt like we were in a cozy wine cellar. We had apps and a variety of wines to taste. It just felt like us :). Here are a few fun pictures from the night!

Image 24

With my handsome groom 


My family 🙂


My awesome new family!

Image 25

Shannon, the best maid of honor a girl could ask for!

The rehearsal was a perfect, relaxing way to get ready for the big day!

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