Outdoor Seafood Feast

We had such a wonderful Father’s Day celebrating my Dad and Eric. I was so excited to host and set up a fun outdoor seafood feast. When we were younger we used to do clambakes or also called seafood boils. I always had such fun memories of those dinners on special occasions. I decided it was time to bring it back and Father’s Day was the perfect reason to. We all love seafood so this was a special treat. It’s also so easy to prepare and it’s a family style feast where you just all dig in. No serving necessary… I love those dinners!

I researched a bunch of clambake recipes and settled on using this one from Ina Garten as a loose outline. I figured I would choose my seafood once I got to Whole Foods and could look at options and prices. Here are the changes I made from Ina’s recipe:

  • Since lobster is pricey, I didn’t end up using that. Instead I used large shell on raw shrimp… about 1lb
  • I also added corn, which is very cost effective and delicious. You can do a half to a full cob per person depending on how much people want. I cut those up in halves and thirds to throw in the pot.
  • I only bought 1 lb of mussels and 1 lbs of clams (just one type) and it was plenty

The recipe will walk you throw the steps and the layering process. I can’t even describe how easy this was to do and how delicious it turned out. We all loved it. We will be doing this at least one more time this summer. It’s the perfect patio meal with loved ones!

I also had a great time decorating our outdoor farm style table. I had found the tablecloth awhile ago at TJ Maxx (my favorite!) and then spray painted bottles to match. You’ll notice a bunch of peonies in the pictures…we discovered three peony bushes at our house that the last owner had planted. I think I almost cried I was so excited… they are my absolute favorite flower and now I can go grab them from the yard. So fun!

Check out the pictures below to see the process and our pretty feast. I hope you try this and please let me know if you do!

Clambake Ingredients - Gold Confetti Blog

Clambake - Gold Confetti Blog

Clambake - Gold Confetti Blog

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Outdoor Clambake - Gold Confetti Blog

Outdoor entertaining - Gold Confetti Blog


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    great one Honey!!

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