Pantry Organization

So I meant to get the pantry organized as a part of spring cleaning…oops! It finally happened this weekend… that was still sort of late spring right?! 😉 It was one of those daunting tasks that I was dreading and just needed to finally get done. I’m a bit embarrassed to show the before picture but for you guys I will!

The pantry is just one of those things that becomes a black hole at our house when we clean up, cook, etc… everything just gets thrown in. Needless to say it was time to empty everything out, clean, organize and make more functional! I purchased a few baskets, clear containers and shelves to help organize. Some things I had laying around the house and was able to use too.

Here are the pictures along with the steps I took. I’m excited to have a clean, organized pantry for healthy summer cooking. Happy organizing!

The before… eek! 


I removed everything and grouped them by type or cleaned them out.


I then gave the shelves and the floor a good cleaning.


One side note – I love this over the door hook for Baylee and I to hang our aprons on 🙂


Ta-da! The After! Organized, pretty, functional… much better!


The organization plan: 

– I put what we use the most front and center

– I made a snack basket for the family when we are on the go

– I put things we usually have on hand like rice, pasta, etc into clear containers

– The spices are now nicely organized on a lazy susan

– All baking items are now nicely sitting on one shelf

– I was able to clean enough out to use the bottom shelf for appliances

– The ground shelf is used for table linens, bags and large tuperware




Now here’s to keeping it looking this way!


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