Jazzing Up Your Water

I tend to have a glass of water or water bottle with me at all times. I just know my energy level and overall body feel better the more water I drink. Although I like water, it does get kind of old drinking it plain all of the time. When we were at the resort in Sonoma they had water dispensers all over the place with citrus infused water. That got me to thinking I should always have that on hand at home on these warm days. It’s a healthy way to get some flavor in your water and is quite refreshing. Plus why not bring a little bit of the spa like feeling into your home.

Right now I’m sipping on a cucumber and mint combination. A few others I want to try are lemon/basil and of course a variety of citrus options. You could even add in raspberries or strawberries if you want something sweeter. Cheers to staying hydrated this summer!


Infused Water Gold Confetti




2 responses to “Jazzing Up Your Water

  1. I always have lemon and mint. I’ll try the cucumber and mint tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions!

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