Chilly Spring Morning Workout Wear

Let’s face it…having cute workout clothes just makes you feel better and gives you the motivation to get out there! I always said in my tennis days that I played better when I had a cute tennis outfit! I think that feeling carries across fitness activities. Whether it’s biking, yoga, running, etc I love both functional and stylish workout wear. The great thing now is they are making all of these awesome pieces that you can not only wear for your sporting activity of choice, but you they are also nice enough to wear around town running errands or a coffee meeting.

With the unpredictable spring weather I like to have a couple pieces layered for the day so I can adjust as needed. Usually I’m out in the chilly mornings running or walking the dogs. I like to have an outfit that will keep me warm but is still fashionable. Below are some of my favorite styles I’ve been seeing for spring!




1 – Base layer tank in case we get an awesome 70 degree day

2 – Colorful fitted jacket, great for when you’re on the go

3 – The best leggings ever…I wear these ALL the time for workouts and every day wear

4 – A cute and functional pullover 

5 – The perfect scarf to throw on at the end of a workout (I got one for Christmas and LOVE it)


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