Pretty, Cost-Effective Framed Paper As Art

We have been in need of adding art and pops of color around the house since we moved in last fall. We have a lot of pretty grey walls, but not enough fun color to fill them! I’ve been keeping my eye out for art but since it can be expensive we only want to invest in pieces we really love. I also want to be able to change things up on our family room mantle for different seasons. I had seen the idea to frame fine or handmade paper and decided it was time to do it! I ended up ordering my paper from Paper Mojo. They have a great selection of beautiful handmade and decorative paper at a good price (about $5 a sheet). I then went to Ikea and purchased the frames. Check out the paper and where the frames ended up around our home below. I’ll definitely be using this idea again as I change up rooms, decor, etc!


The three papers I choose



Blues, greens and golds for our spring, summer mantle! 




How cute is this scalloped pattern of mint and gold? This went in our room above the dresser




With my love of pink, especially neon pink this marble paper was perfection. This is framed in my office.




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