Planning the Main Floor Guest Bath Remodel

We are getting antsy to start another house project and have decided it’s time to tackle the main floor guest bathroom. This is the bathroom in the hallway of our main floor. It’s tucked in quite nicely with a pocket door. As you can see our starting point like the rest of the house is outdated early 90s brass fixtures, tile work and golden oak cabinets.

We haven’t spent much time decorating it or painting it knowing we wanted to fully remodel. A special piece that we brought back from our recent trip to Cabo kickstarted us to get this project going.

Here’s a look at the bathroom as it currently looks and a shot of where it sits when you come in the front door:





And now to the fun part…finding inspiration for the remodel. Here’s the star of the show… an amazing handmade copper sink that we bought in Todos Santos at a gallery, Arte La Xoma. Isn’t she pretty?! I love the color and hammered texture. It’s such a special reminder of an amazing trip!



We are going to repurpose the honey oak vanity and stain it dark with Java Gel Stain like we did in the kitchen. As far as the vanity counter goes we are looking for a piece of white quartz (similar to the below Silestone). I think the copper sink will really pop against the white counter!

View More:

We are looking at a variety of wallpaper for the walls. We haven’t decided if we will just wallpaper the main wall as an accent and paint the rest of the walls or wallpaper the whole thing. I’m really intrigued by the removable wallpaper. Has anyone tried it? There are so many fun options on Etsy. Here are some of the patterns and colors we are liking.





Lastly, we’ll be putting up a new mirror, a modern light fixture and other decor. We haven’t gotten that far yet, but I can’t wait to get started! I’ll keep you posted on our progress!


3 responses to “Planning the Main Floor Guest Bath Remodel

  1. Love the removable wallpaper idea! I had no idea this stuff existed. Only problem is that I now want to wallpaper EVERYTHING. Looking forward to seeing the updated bathroom!

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