Creating an Antipasto Plate

E and I are both foodies that truly love and get excited for every meal. Therefore there is always a lot of food talk and meal anticipation at our house. One of our favorite date night dinners to make at the house is an antipasto plate. We aren’t just talking cheese and crackers… we go all out with different meats, olives, veggies, fruits, etc. Usually we stop by Whole Foods to get our fixings.

This past weekend we decided to smoke a salmon on our smoker. I say we but Eric is really the brains behind this. He seasoned the salmon and it smoked all afternoon… YUM. I’ll do a post on that sometime soon to walk through the process of how he does it. This was the best one yet! Anyway, that was the star of our antipasto plate.

We then went to Whole Foods and grabbed several little cheeses from the sample section. If you haven’t found this little treasure yet you must try it. Whole Foods puts a basket of smaller cheese samples out to buy for just a few dollars each. It’s our favorite way to try different cheeses. We also bought a baguette, proscuitto, olives, artichokes (my favorite), pickled veggies and blackberries.

Next step is too assemble everything onto a pretty platter. The marble slab we used (and pictured below) was a wedding gift from Crate and Barrel. We love it!

After that dinner is all set! I set out small plates and different knives for the cheeses. Pour a glass of wine and you’re ready for an at home date night!








3 responses to “Creating an Antipasto Plate

  1. I love this idea. I’m going to do this with my husband this weekend. We don’t get out too much so this would be the perfect date night in idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. dennysk

    Such a great idea for in-home date nights! That looks really yummy for sure. I love the opportunity to sample some different foods.

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