Friday Favorites

Yay it’s almost the weekend! The week back after a fun trip is always a little tough to adjust… but seeing the puppies sweet faces when we got home made it worth it! I’ve had a good week getting caught up on work and house stuff. This weekend I’m working on updating our decor for spring and summer. Hello mint, pinks (as much as I can get away with!), etc.

Here are some of my favorites from the week. Have a fabulous weekend!

Favorite birthday ever: Turning 30 was so much fun thanks to my amazing hubby, family and friends.


Of  course my babies helped celebrate too 🙂


Favorite Bubbles: Have you tried this champagne? My new favorite thanks to Tina and Seth!


Favorite sparkle: How cute is this birthday card from my cousin, Theresa? 


Favorite weekend project: I waited and waited and waited and got the Target bar cart on a major sale. Can’t wait to style it! 



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