Exploring Flora Farms

I’m so thankful that a few different friends recommended that we go check out Flora Farms while we were in Cabo. I mentioned the amazing drinks in my Friday Favorites post from Cabo, but that was just the start. Flora Farms is this amazing farm in the middle of the desert in Cabo. You stumble upon this green oasis and discover it has a thriving farm, restaurant, bar, cottages, cooking classes and a soon to be done spa. What could be better?! I really love the farm to table concept and was so excited to get to experience this amazing place.

Thinking we were just going for a late lunch turned into a full afternoon of fun exploring the beautiful property, relaxing and eating until we were completely stuffed. I was like a kid in a candy shop with all of the fresh produce and beautiful flowers. It was one of the highlights of our entire trip. We will definitely make that a stop on all future Cabo vacations!

I took a TON of pictures (I was in culinary heaven), but below gives a little tour of this amazing place. If you ever get down to Cabo I highly recommend you go check this out!

The charming front entrance 


Rows and rows of veggies and herbs



I loved the whimsical decorations on this palm tree and picked up a few of those glass hearts later on the trip


Pretty sure we need to find a bike like this for our front yard 🙂


The relaxing bar that made us the yummy, refreshing drinks pre lunch



Me and our sweet Moms 


How adorable is their table decor? Oh and they have farm dogs that they’ve rescued and tell each of their stories on the menu. I knew I loved this place! 


Our vacation crew at lunch


My favorite person ❤ 


 And finally their cute little market where you can buy their produce, homemade breads, granola, etc. 



What a special place Flora Farms is. I hope I can get down there again someday soon and take a cooking class. So fun!



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