DIY Crate Bedside Tables

We started fresh with bedroom furniture when we moved into our new house. I had long been eyeing a headboard from West Elm that went on sale and we got our dressers from Ikea. As the room was coming together we had a hard time finding bedside tables that worked well with our decor, were the right size and that weren’t crazy expensive. We went  for a more luxurious, serene look on the bed and bedding so wanted to have the tables have a more rustic feel. I started seeing on Pinterest (of course) that people were making bedside tables out of crates.

I found some large crates on Amazon and stained them gray. I first thought we would just use one crate on each side of the bed like I had seen online. Pinterest FAIL. They looked so tiny next to a king size bed and I failed to remember how many things I like to have by me at night… lamp, book, iPad, water, chapstick, lotion, etc. A small table top was not going to work! I’m thinking most ladies can relate to this :).





So I ordered two more crates thinking that we could make them a cube. E added hinges so they stay together and you could even store stuff inside them if you wanted (blankets, pillows, etc). They probably aren’t forever pieces, but I think they turned out cute and for about $34 a piece I can’t complain!






2 responses to “DIY Crate Bedside Tables

  1. What a creative idea! I love your sheets too. Where are they from?

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