Family Room Wall Reveal

Remember how I said we would take our time updating the family room? Well we got inspired this past weekend and just went for it! We ended up white washing the brick, painting the built-ins, painting the walls and building a new mantle! Phew. It was a whirlwind but once we started we were so excited about how it was going that we wanted to get the walls all done. I’ve decided the one good thing about the freezing weather lately is that it makes it easy to stay inside and tackle projects.

This is the before: (more pictures and our inspiration here):


And here is the after!!! 


So much more modern, refreshing and light. We are pretty excited about the difference. And the new rustic mantle! My awesome hubby built that and did an amazing job!

Take a look at the below to see our family room makeover process!

First we sanded the built-ins to get them ready to paint. We decided to go with white paint on these. 


Then we began white washing the brick. We found it easier to paint the grout lines of a section and then fill in and paint the brick. It’s actually a fun process because you really don’t have to be exact… you just kinda paint. A few things on white washing: 

  • We used a 1:1 ratio of paint and water
  • The paint/water mixture will soak into the brick quite a bit so don’t panic if at first it looks like you painted the brick white
  • We only did one coat because our original brick was pretty light. If you’re white washing a red or orange brick you may need 2 coats.


All white washed!


Next we painted the walls our very favorite Behr Porpoise. The built-ins are Behr Ultra white.



On on to our awesome new mantle… so happy with how rustic it turned out. If you have questions on how to build it, leave me a comment and I’ll do a post with the specific mantle build details. 


Isn’t the wood grain and character pretty?!



We LOVE this Minwax Jacobean stain color



We are loving the changes in this room. Amazing what a difference paint can make! I’m excited to get to decorating the room and eventually getting a new sectional and coffee table in there!


3 responses to “Family Room Wall Reveal

  1. Looks so light and airy! Nice 🙂

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