Bye Bye Huge Box Kitchen Light!

Ahhh I’m SO excited. We replaced the out of date box kitchen light! We’ve had our eye on that project since the day we first looked at our house. It is amazing how much bigger it makes the space feel, not to mention how much more clean and modern it looks. I walk into the kitchen in the morning and literally have to stop and admire the new light and look.

We bought the new light fixture from a friend of mine that was selling it, so that gave us the motivation to get this done. The fixture is originally from CB2 and I had seen it awhile ago and just loved the fun, airy look of it.

Here’s a quick step by step (mostly in pictures) of how the process went. Thankfully my handy hubby did most of the tearing down and all of the electrical work (I haven’t tried my hand at that yet).


Here is the old light… even before we stained the cabinets or updated anything in the kitchen. Can’t believe how different the kitchen looks now!


We removed the plastic panel and lights



And then literally ripped the whole wood frame down that was nailed to the ceiling


And we were left with this lovely sight. Apparently the light had burned the ceiling… kinda crazy.


Eric worked his electrical magic to move the wiring to where we wanted it (centered over the island)



We hung the fixture to make sure we liked the placement. Next up was patching, texturing and painting. Joke was on us when we found that the white paint left with the house didn’t match the ceiling at all. So… back to Home Depot for white paint and we repainted the whole kitchen ceiling (gotta love DIY surprises!)


Ta Da! The new fixture with a painted ceiling. You can still see a little bit of the box outline if you look closely, but it’s so much better than the box light that it doesn’t bother us at all.


Doesn’t the kitchen feel so much more open now? 



We are really enjoying the updates we have made to the kitchen. We have new stools coming soon for the island that I’ll share! Eventually we will get to paint and backsplash :).


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