A Cozy & Stylish Family Room

Well it’s been a couple weeks since our last house project, so we are getting a little antsy! It is actually a lot of fun to move through the house and tackle room by room DIY style. If you’ve been following along so far you’ve seen our house updates so far including:

Next up on our list is the family room. We spend a lot of time in there and LOVE how cozy the room is. Perfect for snuggling in on cold winter nights. But as with most of the updates I write about it just feels stuck in the early 90’s and needs to be modernized.

Here’s what it looks like today:





Here are the updates we would like to make (some now and some in the future)

  • Update the brick wall – this is actually a tough one to figure out how to modernize. To remove the brick would be a pretty big deal we’ve learned so I think we are going to white wash it.
  • New, modern mantle
  • Paint or stain built-ins – still determining the color on this
  • New carpet (eventually)
  • Remove popcorn ceiling (eventually)
  • Replace ceiling fan/light with can lights (eventually)
  • Paint walls
  • New couch – If anyone has any recommendations on a sectional that holds up well with dogs and kiddos let me know!
  • DIY rustic coffee table

Below are some of the inspirations I’ve found to style the room. I really want it to feel cozy, warm and comfortable but still stylish.

This is going to be a big project so we will most likely take it in phases. Keep you posted!


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