Closet Organization

With the start of a new year I’m extra motivated to get organized in all areas of life. One big part of this is in our home. We moved in and unpacked pretty swiftly about 5 months ago, but I’m realizing that it’s time to step back and see how to better organize to fit our lifestyle. And the nerd in me actually really loves organizing things :).

I decided to start with my closet. I had moved out all of my summer and spring clothing a couple months ago, but I still didn’t have a good sense of all my clothing options for winter.

My first step was to do a major clean out. I decided that if I didn’t love the item and hadn’t worn it in awhile then it needs to go. That helped me eliminate anything that just didn’t fit right, wasn’t my style anymore or didn’t fit my lifestyle anymore. After that I reorganized all of my tops grouping them by type (sweater, blouse, etc) and then by color. See the pictures below for the rest of the organization!

DSC_0247Here’s my half of our closet… my nice hubby let me take over the center section 😉

DSC_0244The closet came with some funky built-ins that I have used for boots and the perfect scarf hanger.


I used the shelves for jeans, leggings and thicker scarfs. The basket on the bottom holds tights.


I switch shoes out for the seasons and keep them in shoe racks on the floor of the closet.


I keep my bulkier, not every-day necklaces on an organizer against the wall.

Do you feel the need to organize in the start of the new year? I think I’ll tackle the pantry next… eek!


4 responses to “Closet Organization

  1. Marilee Yorchak

    Now that I am a true empty-nester, I am spending 2 hours a week purging my house of STUFF. Feels so good 🙂

  2. Your closet is so organized and beautiful, now I’m inspirited to organize mine.

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