Laundry Room Remodel

I’m excited to reveal the updated laundry room with you. This project wasn’t as planned out… we just went to Home Depot and decided what we liked and the project plan on the spot. Kinda fun to be spontaneous… says the Type A planner :).

Here’s the before and after! What a huge difference right? Ah it feels so much cleaner and more organized. Below was our process.

DSC_0145     DSC_0228

1. Prepped the area – We removed everything including the washer/dryer and removed the base trim.


2. Flooring prep – we originally were going to use vinyl plank flooring but the color we wanted was special order and we didn’t want to wait a couple weeks to get it. So we did a quick switch to a tile that we have loved for awhile. We are thinking of using this in our bathroom eventually so I’m glad we got to test it out. Anyway here was the process we had to take to lay a tile floor over the linoleum.

  • We put Hardiebacker boards over the linoleum to provide an additional moisture barrier and level out the floor as much as possible. To secure the boards to the linoleum we used Patch n’level as well as screwing the boards down. To complete the moisture barrier we went around the edge of the room with silicone caulking to create a seal.

DSC_0153 DSC_0154

3. Painted the walls – I could not decide on a paint color. We decided to go darker on the back wall and lighter on the others. I was trying to vary from my gray obsession a little… but just got as far as a blue/gray. We used Behr Flint Smoke and Nature Retreat (which you can see below with a sneak peak of the tile).



4. Tiling – I tiled my first floor! That was a pretty cool process to learn. We rented a tile saw (which Eric took charge of) and I worked on the actual laying of the tile. We used a bucket and mixed flexbond for our adhesive. We carefully laid out the tile using a brick lay pattern and spacers. Isn’t the porcelain tile pretty? You can find it here. We let that dry for about 24 hours  and then did the grout. All done with the floor!

DSC_0184 DSC_0194 DSC_0197 DSC_0200 DSC_0210 DSC_0214

5. Cabinets & Rail – As a part of the re-org we wanted to get some cabinets in place as well as have a rail to hang clothes from. We found a decent deal on white cabinets at Home Depot and went with those.


6. Countertop above washer/dryer – I saw on a few blogs that people have used a hollow door for the counter. We did the same and Eric make a ledge for the door to sit on. It was the perfect thickness and made more sense for us than plywood. We originally started with this in white…

DSC_0205 DSC_0209

7. Reassemble – Next we put everything back and I began the decorating and organizing game. During this I decided that the white counter was kinda blah and we needed a pop of color…


8. Counter – A bright yellow counter with a silver chevron stripe to be exact. This was one of those ideas that ended up being WAY more work than I was thinking. I couldn’t find the chevron Frog tape so I decided to make my own pattern. The weirdest thing happened during painting…. the yellow spray paint peeled and puckered up in several spots :-/. If anyone knows why that would happen let me know. So, we had to sand sand sand and redo all the yellow. It added a couple extra days but I’m glad we finally got it and I LOVE the pop of color.

DSC_0218 DSC_0228  DSC_0226

9. Decor – A few quick notes on decor. We found the shelf from ikea which is perfect for dry cleaning bags, dog leashes, etc. Then I also wanted to experience with chalk paint on the other wall and will share that when I’m done. I have a feeling chalk paint will be lots of fun!


This was a fun project and the room is so much for functional, organized and fresh now… hooray!


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