Finding Inspiration for the Laundry Room Reno

Next up on our project list… the laundry room! Currently it is outdated and not very functional. It has a not so lovely linoleum floor and a sagging shelf that is probably going to bust at any second! It’s right off the garage so it gets lots of foot traffic. There wasn’t a washer or dryer here when we moved in so we did get to add some pretty front loaders. You know you’re getting older when you’re so excited about a new washer/dryer :).

Here’s the before picture… I’ll be REALLY excited to show you an after picture!


Here’s how we would like it to function:

  • Space for the dog food and water, bowls, toys, etc
  • A folding counter
  • Cabinets for storage
  • A bar to hang clothes
  • Area to air dry clothes
  • Storage for cleaning products
  • Hooks for coats, leashes, etc
  • Somewhere to put muddy or snowy shoes before they come into the house πŸ™‚
  • A new floor that can be easily cleaned

We are going to try and tackle this over some vacation time during the Christmas and New Year break. I’ve been excitedly scanning pinterest for ideas and here are some of my favorite looks below!

And lastly how AWESOME would a sliding barn door be for the laundry room door. This would separate it off from our living room and I love the look of it. That would probably be a phase 2 project but would be so fun.

Has anyone redone their laundry room? Or seen any great ideas?

I’ll keep you posted on the progress!


4 responses to “Finding Inspiration for the Laundry Room Reno

  1. So many great ideas on, and you can start your own “idea book” I am on the site daily. So many great ideas for every room. You got me looking at laundry rooms and there are great ideas

  2. Looking at dream laundry rooms is my guilty pleasure. Thanks for giving me my fix today! πŸ™‚

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