Jumping Into the Faux Leather Legging Trend

I’ve been seeing a lot of cute outfits on other blogs with faux leather leggings…I have always thought they were pretty awesome but didn’t know if it was a practical buy. It’s probably not a must BUT I found a pretty good deal on them and loved that the pair I bought was only faux leather in the front. That made them a little more versatile and less a passing trend in my mind. Good old Nordies came through as always for me and I got the below pair.

faux leather leggings

I have worn them a few times already and am having a lot of fun figuring out different ways to style them! Below is what I wore to a night out downtown last weekend for a friend’s birthday party. I have been choosing longer tops and both booties and heels look really cute with them. I of course had to incorporate some sparkle for the holiday season :).

IMG_6577 IMG_6578

There’s also a sneak peak of our mantle that I’ve been working on. I’ll post that soon!


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