The Kitchen Facelift Begins!

We have been eyeing our kitchen updates since the day we found our house. We are lucky that the kitchen has nice granite  and a good layout, but the cabinets were definitely out of date. Those early 90’s golden oak cabinets have been staring at us waiting to be modernized! To get new cabinets would be pretty pricey so I went in search of a DIY option. Enter General Finishes Java Gel Stain. This product is huge on Pinterest when looking into staining cabinets, most of the blogs on it are transforming golden oak cabinets… hooray! Being my usual type A self I researched the heck out of this process, got all the supplies and was ready to go.

That was almost 3 months ago… eek. I’m not sure how I thought we would undertake such a big project while also moving into a new house and planning a wedding. As my husband would say “silly Christy”. It’s good to have lofty goals right? 🙂

Finally yesterday afternoon I decided it was time to jump in. As you know I like to have projects ready and waiting for Eric on they fly when he gets home ;). Lucky for me he is on the same page: let’s grab a beer, order pizza and get to work! Gel staining your kitchen is not a quick process… lots of prep work as well as days of drying time. I wanted to get a start on yesterday so we have the weekend to complete the project!

I’ll post the entire process when we are done, but wanted to give you a quick preview of how it’s going. I’m SO excited about this project and the difference even the first coat made that I’m giddy! I can’t wait to see the kitchen when it’s done!

The Before:

IMG_6066 IMG_6067

The prep work I mentioned mentioned includes the removal of all the doors, drawers and hardware. And then sanding each piece lightly and cleaning them all (I’ll document all of this in the detailed post to come).

And then we stained and stained and stained the first of three coats that we will be doing. It’s pretty streaky at this point but from what I read that’s normal.

IMG_6083 IMG_6090   

This is how you stain when you have a new puppy running around the house 🙂


So here’s where we are at currently. I already like it a thousand times better! Coat 2 will happen tonight… I can’t wait to see how that looks! More to come!

IMG_6096 IMG_6099


5 responses to “The Kitchen Facelift Begins!

  1. A huge difference already! Looking great 🙂

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