Meet Annabelle

We adopted a new family member this weekend…sweet puppy Annabelle! E and I went to the Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue adoption event in hopes of rescuing a dog. He said one dog…I wanted to bring them all home :).

Annabelle is a shepherd mix. They think she’s about 10 weeks old right now. We aren’t sure about much more than that. She was in a litter with 3 sisters… all so cute. Annabelle was the smallest, sweetest and shyest. Those little sad eyes just said “I need to go home with you.” She crawled in my lap and I think choose us.

We are having so much fun with her! Cardio is being the best big brother ever…showing her the ropes of the house, how to go down the stairs, how to play fetch, etc. Annabelle is pretty much obsessed with Cardio and wants to play and be next to him at all times. It’s precious to watch.

Here are some fun pictures so far. Of course I’ve taken about 100 already. Puppy love :).

IMG_5866 IMG_5885 IMG_5879 IMG_5895 IMG_5944 IMG_5949 IMG_5956


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