Friday Favorites – 11.01.13

I can’t believe it’s November! I am so excited that we are getting close to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. We are hosting this year which was one of the reasons for my impromptu project this week :). Here are some of my favorites as we closed out October!

Cardio’s best puppy eyes guilt trip while I was painting the dining room. He knows just the look to give to convince me to hurry up so we can go for a walk. And of course we did go for a walk :).


Lovely little latte. I had given up coffee for almost a year… and then we went on our honeymoon and I thought “hey why not treat yourself?”. So I’m back to drinking coffee. It’s one of those simple life pleasures especially as the weather starts to turn cold. I had a meeting at one of my favorite coffee shops this week, Stella’s, and loved their almond milk latte.


My bridal bouquet :). The Ruffly Rose was our florist and they did an amazing job! I cant wait to share more pictures of the flowers!


Fall treat that I’m excited to make: Baked Apple Cider Donuts! 

Enjoyed a fall walk at Wash Park with Cardio.

Image 11

Have a great weekend!


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