The Dining Room Needed a Striped Wall

We have a list of projects that we are excited to tackle at our new house. Most of them are to make the home feel a bit more modern and get out of the 90s. So there I sat working from home on Wednesday afternoon when I got the urge to head to Home Depot and tackle a project (and lets be honest to finally use some of my pinned house ideas). I texted my husband and said “I think I’ll surprise you with a project!” … ha that’s probably scary for him to hear. To him that means “I’m starting a project that you get to help with too and when you get home from work the house may look like a tornado”… lucky for me Eric loves projects as much as I do!

I have seen a lot of striped walls on Pinterest and LOVE the look of having one accent wall. Our dining room is one of our favorite rooms in the house. It has a huge window that faces the open space and brings in tons of natural light. I had been eager to spruce up this room for awhile and paint is a huge part of that. We love to host dinners and entertain so I really want this to be a fun, cozy and functional room to have guests in.

I may be somewhat obsessed with grey walls therefore my stripes were going to be two shades of gray. I used Behr “Gentle Rain” and “Porpoise”.

Here are the before pictures (I had already started to move furniture).

IMG_5821 IMG_5823

To start I painted the accent wall with the base color of Gentle Rain (use the lighter color for the base). Once I had my partner in crime home we worked on making the lines (that is definitely a two person job). We first measured the wall which was 92.5 inches and then decided how many stripes we wanted which was 7. I would stick to an odd number. With that equation we were looking at each stripe being 13.21 inches (thankfully my husband is an engineer). We measured each stripe and then drew a line across with a level. Having a long level is key to this if it’s a larger wall.


Next up is taping the stripes with painters tape. This is pretty tedious to get the tape right on the lines. We also marked the stripes that would be painted with the darker color so we wouldn’t get confused. I read a tip to run over each strip of tape with a credit card so the paint didn’t bleed… it seemed to work pretty well.


Next up I started to paint the stripes with my darker color (Behr Porpoise). I painted over the tap first with a brush to help seal it and then rolled 2 coats.

IMG_5832 IMG_5836

Now the scary part but rewarding part… removing the tape! Would the stripes be straight? Did they bleed through the tape?

It all worked out! I love the way it looks. We also painted the rest of the dining room grey. I’m so excited that we have this done for Thanksgiving! The stripes were a lot of work but worth it end the end. Now time to figure out what we want on the walls :).

IMG_5838 IMG_5840 IMG_5841


8 responses to “The Dining Room Needed a Striped Wall

  1. Looks great! In the future if you’re worried about paint bleeding through, my fav tip is once you tape the walls, seal the edges of the tape with the original paint colour, let it dry, and paint your stripes. This way, if there’s any bleeding, it will be the wall colour and your stripes will come out clean!

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