Trying Out Weekly Nail Polish

A fun treat of having my wedding and Katie’s wedding two weeks apart… two mani/pedis!. I had done the shellac for my wedding and wanted to give my nails a break for Katie’s. I was going to go with a basic manicure when the salon showed me the CND VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish. A polish that lasts a week and isn’t a pain to take off like shellac? Sounds good to me!

I was interested to see how it would last. My manicures never seem to last very long. I’m tough on my nails I know, but not having chipped polish after two days would be great! I ended up going with the “Married to the Mauve” color… very fall.


Here’s how the manicure looked on the second day.


Now I’m on day 5 and the chips are pretty apparent and it’s time to remove the polish. The plus is that it can just be removed like normal polish. No soaking needed.


I would say it lasted well for 3-4 days. Which I guess is better than my manicures usually do. I still don’t think I will be rushing out to have this applied to my nails (I usually opt for doing my own manis), but if I am treating myself to a manicure I would think about using it again. As much as I love how shellac looks and lasts, I don’t love the removal process.

Has anyone else tried the weekly polish?


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