Friday Favorites – 10.25.13

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since our wedding! That was the best day ever, I can’t wait to share pictures with you when we get them (but there is a sneak peak below)! Here are some of my favorites from the last couple of weeks.

Husband and wife 🙂 Love Love! We were so lucky that the fall colors came at the right time.

Image 4

Best friends Cardio & Winston (my brother’s dog). They are so adorable together… they are hoping that they get a little taste of dinner.


We celebrated my Dad’s birthday when we got back from our honeymoon. It was great to get together and celebrate as well as catch up on the wedding. Notice the little face peeking in to help blow out the candles :).


I found this lovely piece to hang up on the wall in our kitchen. I love the shabby chic feel of it. It’ll be great for keeping mail, cards, keys, etc. I love TJ Maxx!


Lastly, the view from our room on our honeymoon in Antigua. It was so gorgeous and relaxing! More pictures to come from the honeymoon!



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