Master Bathroom Update Phase 1

When we moved into our new house we were welcomed with a variety of blue walls in the master bathroom and bedroom… think dollhouse. The master bathroom is probably number one on our remodel list when we can do it… until then we knew we wanted to make some small updates to make it feel more modern and reflect our style. Being that our new home was built in the early 90’s we have brass fixtures everywhere. I’m working slowly on updating the brass with spray paint where possible (more to come on that).

Here’s what we were working with when we started:


When thinking through what updates we could do right away that weren’t going to cost a ton and here’s what we came with.

  • Paint the walls (bye bye blue)
  • Update the brass lighting fixtures
  • Remove the mirror and trim

Step 1: Painting the walls 

We choose Behr Gentle Rain Semi Gloss. I’m obsessed with gray paint right now and love this Behr palatte. There were some tricky angles on the ceilings but once we were done it was SO worth it. It’s amazing how new paint makes everything feel so much cleaner.

After paint:


Step 2: Get rid of the brass lighting fixtures.

Someday we will pick out new lighting fixtures, but until them I’m went the spray paint route to give them the satin nickel effect. I am beyond thrilled at how well this works, especially on pieces that you aren’t seeing up close or that don’t get a lot of wear like a door knob. I’ve been using the Rust-Oleum spray paint below and LOVE it.

Here is the before and after. The brass sinks are still bugging me but I’m not sure it’s worth doing anything until we can replace the entire vanity.

IMG_5155 IMG_5182

Step 3: Removing the mirror

Eric and our friend Neal nicely stepped in to take down the mirror. I have to admit I was a little nervous about it shattering everywhere and someone getting hurt, but thankfully the guys ROCKED it and not a piece broke. I was so happy that I could now have a clean slate for mirrors. We had to do a little bit of dry wall patching and retexturing and painted over it. We had a pair of black mirrors laying around from the old house that we weren’t using that were a perfect fit. I love finding things in your house you can use rather than having to go buy something new (although that is fun too!).

Here’s what the wall looked like after the mirror was down:


And the final look:


These small updates have made a big difference. The bathroom now doesn’t feel so early 90’s. Someday we’ll have a blast planning out the whole remodel, but until then this is working great!


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